Laura Dekker to depart from Portugal on Saturday

Sailing Girl Laura Dekker will leave from Portugal within two or three days, according to her manager.

“If everything goes as planned, she will leave the port of Portimao on Saturday,” he says.

The major solo sail trip around the world for the 14-year-old Laura Dekker will start with the departure from Portugal. On the trip from the Netherlands to Portugal, she was still accompanied by her father. Together they tested the electronics of her boat Guppy.

If the boat is seaworthy, Dekker wants as quickly as possible head for the Canary Islands. There they might wait the end of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean off that can last until December.

Laura won a prolonged battle when a court in Middelburg released her from the guardianship of Dutch child protection agencies that had blocked her attempts to leave last year when she was still 13. The authorities said being alone and absent from school for so long would be harmful for her education and psychological development. That was the last obstacle to the cruise to begin.

If her attempt is successful, she will be the youngest sailor ever to sail around the world. The Australian Jessica Watson now holds the record.

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