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Sailing Girl Laura Dekker to return to the Netherlands

The 15-year-old sailing girl, Laura Dekker will return to the Netherlands.

Laura comes back to the Netherlands to open the youth pavilion at the Hiswa boat show early March.

She will give short presentations about her world tour at the boat show from March 1 to 6 at the RAI in Amsterdam.

“It’s always great fun to see how people are interested in my journey, and me” says the 15-year-old in Dutch newspaper AD.

Although she does not like the cold weather, she is looking forward to visit the Netherlands.

The trip to the Netherlands does not compromise her record attempt. “I am not doing a nonstop trip around the world. I want to be the youngest sailor ever to sail around the world”. “Only I will come over to the Netherlands, Guppy, my ship, will remain at his place.”

Laura is on Bonaire at the moment for a few weeks. Her grandparents are visiting her now for about one week and after that her father and sister will visit.

Laura Dekker will sail to the San Blas Islands near Panama after her visit at the boat show. “I definitely want to sail through the Panama Canal early April. Otherwise, I will need to sail to too fast to keep a fair wind.”

On August 21 last year she began her journey in Gibraltar. If her attempt is successful, she will be the youngest sailor ever to sail around the world. The Australian Jessica Watson now holds the record.