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Leiden University rises in THE Reputation Rankings

Together with four other Dutch Universities Leiden University is included in the Top 100 of the Reputation Rankings of Times Higher Education Magazine.

Leiden University is the only one of the five universities to have performed better than last year.

With its position in the 61-70 range, Leiden University is the second best performing Dutch University.

The Dutch university with the best reputation according to the THE rankings is Delft University of Technology in the 51-60 range. The University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University are listed in the 81-90 range, and Wageningen University is in the 90-100 range. Leiden University is the only Dutch university to have improved its position with respect to last year: in 2012, it was still listed in the 81-90 range.

The THE Reputation Rankings are not based on hard research data, but on an opinion poll among more than 16,000 academics worldwide. ‘The expert judgement of senior, published academics’, according to the THE website. The researchers were asked to indicate which universities have the best reputation in their opinion. Just as in 2012, the highest score once again went to Harvard University.