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Levi’s opens brandstore in Amsterdam

Levi’s opens brandstore in Amsterdam

Levi’s opened its first brand store in Amsterdam this week. The store is now open, combining the brand’s signature craftsmanship and authenticity with color and reclaimed materials. The result? A vibrant and youthful shopping destination for locals and visitors.

The store makes great use of recycled and locally sourced materials. In fact, the majority of the store’s interior has been crafted using reclaimed items. The American denim brand is working to build sustainability into everything they do – not just their product, but their stores, as well.

The new Kalverstraat store in Amsterdam is a great shopping destination where you’ll find iconic denim and classic, cool American styles.

In addition to housing great product, the new store will also host cultural events – readings, exhibitions and performances by local artists and pioneers.

If you find yourself on Amsterdam’s busiest shopping street – Kalverstraat – try the new Levi’s® store on for size.