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Dutch Copyrights organization Buma / Stemra advocates an Internet Download License

Dutch Copyrights organization Buma / Stemra wants to add an extra tax on Internet subscriptions for people who want to download music.

Buma / Stemra said it has been searching for years to find a solution how the Internet can provide a compensation for musicians. “Artists are working for days or weeks to create music and see lost revenues from illegally downloading,” said a spokeswoman for the organization. It is important that measures are taken to provide a fair compensation for musicians.

The organization believes they have found a solution with an Internet license. Internet users who want to download music, need to pay extra for their Internet connection, according to Buma / Stemra. ISP license and setting off to play by Buma / Stemra. The revenue will be distributed to the artists who are members of the organization. According to the spokeswoman, research shows that people here are prepared to pay 5 to 10 Euros per month.

The idea for a download license is not new. Last January, the FNV came up with a similar proposal. “With a ‘license to download” you can solve the download problem, “said president Agnes Jongerius time.

Buma / Stemra emphasizes that these are individuals and not commercial users. “Users who download music on a commercial scale are excluded from this arrangement, even though there is no commercial purpose,” the organization. ”

According to Buma / Stemra the Dutch government has responded positively to the plan.

Photo by eirikso

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