Lifelapse for iPhone changes the way you (re-)experience events

Lifelapse for iPhone changes the way you (re-)experience events

Lifelapse is a new way to capture your life and relive all your events and experiences. Lifelapse has officially launched its first two major products today: Lifelapse app for iPhone and the Lifepouch online store.

Lifelapse today introduced “Lifelapse for iPhone”, a never-before-seen way to capture and relive your experiences without the manual work of taking pictures yourself. “Lifelapse for iPhone” runs on a forget-about-it basis where the app takes pictures at a 30-second interval while [the device] sits in the “Lifepouch”, a carrier designed by Lifelapse to hang around your neck.

Based on the concept of time-lapse, where photos are automatically being taken at a pre-set interval, Lifelapse lets you carry your device while it’s time-lapsing.

Lifelapse app for iPhone is the first step Lifelapse is making towards a more intriguing way of capturing and retrieving experiences. Lifelapse’s current implementation will be used as the base layer for reliving, as 90% of our brain’s input comes from visual data.

The coming months, Lifelapse will enrich recorded memories with more context by adding third-party services that are based on user-generated input, such as check-ins to locations and status updates. These functionalities will be implemented when the Lifelapse web application opens its doors.

About Lifelapse
Lifelapse is based in Amsterdam and founded by Tom Klaver, Glenn Wolters and Jeroen Bos. The company started in December, 2010 as “The Lifelapse Experiment”, with nothing more than a name, a concept and a website. It caught the attention of websites such as LAUNCH, Engadget, and AllThingsD, which led more than 1.500 people to subscribe to the beta and newsletter without having seen any screenshots, designs or plans.

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