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Light improves student concentration

Experiments at a primary school in a Dutch village showed that special light improved the concentration of Dutch school children. Children from group six and eight of the school had a 9 percent higher score on a concentration test almost immediately.

One months after having worked with this new lighting system, called SchoolVision, the performance of the student showed little over 13 percent increase. After four months the increase was still present. This stems from research by Professor of Education Peter Sleegers, from the University of Twente.

He studied two groups of primary school kids in Veldhoven and compared these results with a similar school without School Vision. The first results show that the concentration improves considerably, especially children with less reading comprehension benefited. They scored 10 percent higher almost immediately.

School Vision was developed by Philips. It is a lighting system that can adjust both brightness and color to the classroom activity. Teachers have a control panel to controle the light to the situation. They can choose from four settings: Energy, peace, standard or concentration.

“Energy” will correspond to the light of a clear, cloudless summer day and at ‘peace’ the system provides a soft evening sun. In the morning and afternoon after lunch they start with a bright light that generates energy and the day ends with a warm light that gives peace. The first results look very promising. “In the coming months, the children of the school will also be tested for behavior, learning performance and wellbeing.