Little Dutch Girl Lara Stone

Little Dutch Girl Lara Stone

Dutch supermodel Lara Stone chats with New York Times Style Magazine about what’s so swell — or not — about being Dutch.

The 27-year-old topmodel Lara Stone ranks 7th on Forbes’s 2011 list as one of the highest paid models in the world. Stone is the only Dutch supermodel in the top 10.

Lara Stone speaks about her home town Mierlo and her impressions of Amsterdam.

People visit Amsterdam for any number of reasons: to take in the Rijksmuseum; to marvel at the charming canals; to shop the adorable boutiques lining the “Nine Little Streets.” And then there are the wastrels who come here for other purposes.

By her own admission, Stone was an inveterate party girl in her early years — so inveterate that she went into rehab and hasn’t had a drink in two years. Which does not prevent her from describing with enthusiasm some of the more intoxicating delights of the city. She loves the Amstel river boat rides because you can have a drink aboard; Vondelpark because it contains what she says are “some beautiful bars”; and the beaches at Bloemendaal because you can buy a drink right at the shore. – Stone said in an interview with The New York Times.

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