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Lower energy bill for Dutch households

The annual energy bill for Dutch households was 50 euros lower than last year. At the current rates, the average annual energy bill is 1,771 euros, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Dutch consumers paid 4.4 percent less for natural gas in July than last year. In July, the supply price of natural gas was 8 percent down from last year. Larger stocks partly accounted for the lower natural gas price. The transport price was also reduced by 4 percent relative to last year. The Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) decided on 1 January 2015 to reduce transport rates. As a result, the consumer price decreased in January 2015, but the energy tax on natural gas was raised by 2 percent. On average, the price of electricity fell by 0.6 percent.

Energy price 9 percent up in the past five years due to tax rates
Over the past half decade, the energy bill has risen by 9 percent, which is below the average inflation rate of nearly 11 percent in the same period. The largest part of the energy price increase was the result of higher tax rates. The current tax rates were raised annually and in 2013 a new levy was imposed on renewable energy. Taxes make up 40 percent of the energy bill, versus 36 percent five years ago.