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MacBook Pro Update Coming Soon?

MacBook Pro and Mac Pro will see an update soon.

Apple is about to bring out a new model MacBook Pro, identical on the outside, but much faster on the inside. An employee of a Dutch Apple Premium Reseller reported that the new MacBook Pro’s may already available in store next week.

In an internal memo staff were asked to focus on selling the MacBook Pro, instead of the MacBook or MacBook Air. This memo suggests that the ‘old’ stock needs to be sold as soon as possible and that new models are on the way.

Recently Australian Apple ads showed higher pricing than what the Australian online store actually lists when you click through them, suggesting that the ads represent an early look at what the pricing will be for the refreshed hardware lines.

Similar pricing inconsistencies were found within Apple’s New Zealand site and MacBook Pro’s and and Mac Pro’s in the Apple refurnished store are all empty and suggest that a hardware refresh might be on the way soon.

Apple is working on a processor upgrade for its Mac lines to Intel Core i5 and Core i7 chips.

The MacBook Pros were last updated in June and are due for a refresh. Evidence of a Core i7-based MacBook Pro surfaced in Geekbench’s results just over a month ago, and a number of other reports of new machines appeared in subsequent weeks. The rumor mill has been relatively quiet for the past couple of weeks, however, despite considerable interest in and expectation of updated models.

The MacRumors Buying Guide, which tracks upgrade rumors and average hardware refresh times, also currently lists the Macbook Pro, Air and Mac Pro units as status “Don’t Buy — Updates soon.”

All signs seem to point to a Mac hardware refresh. If you’re thinking of picking up a MacBook Pro, Air or Mac Pro, it might be worth holding off a short while.