Making air travel part of your social networking

Making air travel part of your social networking

“Why wait for the outcome of the unpredictable allocation of seats for you to have that entertaining, interesting mid-air conversation?” was the thought that triggered the creative thinking behind the Matching Airlines Seats (MAS) app.

On the eve of Tet, lunar new year, the MAS app was presented to the public at a product launch in Hanoi. Media representatives, Vietnamese and foreign guests were in attendance. This innovative product allows social networking among air travellers who may decide to travel together.

Dutch entrepreneurs Abraham de Kock and Minggus Hully are the creators of the MAS app. “We are very excited about our brainchild and hope for an enthusiastic response by the public”, commented Abraham de Kock who left the United Nations after a long and rewarding career. “Teaming up with Minggus, an experienced IT professional, was the perfect way to elaborate and concretely develop the MAS concept”.

The MAS app is now available Android devices. The iOS version of the MAS app will soon also be available in iTunes. Based on the social network profiles of air travellers and some additional information they are asked to provide, matching with like-minded travel companions can take place. Initially, the social networks of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ have been

A backpacker who is interested in the hidden treasures of a tourist destination could be matched with an expat who has lived there for many years, or a banking professional with an investor with a keen interest in doing business in the emerging economy that they both are travelling to. Endless matching possibilities are feasible with the MAS app.

At first, the MAS app will be available in the Netherlands and Vietnam. Through updates, the geographical coverage of the MAS app will be progressively widened, adding more countries where users may enjoy this new and exciting form of social networking.

Under the brand name High Level Connection (HLC) other innovative applications oriented towards leisure and travel are to be expected in the near future.

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