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Many Swedish people choose another name

Many people in Sweden are changing their first or last name, according to the Swedish Patent and Registration Service (GRP).

Approximately two million people, according to the Swedish PRV choose a name other than that they were born with. That’s more than one fifth of the population (9 million). 2008 was a record year, with eight thousand amendments. A name of the consultant PRV told the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that simple changes are the most popular.

“Susanne wants Suzanne is more common ways to stand out in a country where the notation with the-s-is more usual. Foreigners take an authentic Swedish name for easier to find work, “the name consultant.”Married couples combine their surnames, like Nyman and Lindgren called after their marriage Nygren.”

Maria (445.088 in 2009) and Anna (303.382) remain the most common female names in Sweden according to the statistics. In men, this is Erik (302.067) and Lars (235.638).