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mApp: First iBeacon platform for museums

LabWerk’s newly launched museum platform, mApp, is ready to redefine the visitor experience. Through the use of iBeacon technology, the latest tool in location based communication and engagement, mApp has been specially designed to boost visitor engagement, create personalized interactions, and take content delivery to the next level.

Visiting a museum is no longer a one-sided experience. With the launch of LabWerk’s museum app platform, mApp, museums can now benefit from iBeacon technology – the latest tool in location based communication and engagement.

Designed to boost visitor engagement, create personalized interactions, and take content delivery to the next level, LabWerk’s platform redefines the visitor experience by allowing museums to personally interact with visitors.

As visitors travel through a museum their smartphone or tablet will search for signals being sent by a network of beacons. These beacons can be placed in public areas for mass broadcasts or beside particular exhibits to send a targeted message to exhibit viewers. Upon detecting a beacon, a notification or action is triggered on the visitor’s device directing them to specific information or a place within an app on their device.

This new approach to proximity and location awareness of visitors has opened up a range of potential applications, including the delivery of location-specific content, an indoor positioning solution, and analytics on visitor-traffic that has approached each beacon.

Museum employees and curators with little IT experience can easily create a unique user experience with the mApp platform.

LabWerk CEO, Floris Boekel, said “there has been a lot of interest in iBeacon technology and how it will be implemented.

“We’re proud to launch one of the first commercially available iBeacon platforms. There are many great benefits to beacon technology and we see the museum industry as being one of the biggest beneficiaries of this new way to communicate and engage with people.”

Building on the benefits added by the inclusion of beacon technology, the LabWerk Museum platform works to increase visitor’s engagement with exhibits and displays through the use of quizzes and gamification, where visitors earn coupons and rewards that can be redeemed in gift shops, museum cafès, or at a later date.

With the mApp platform, museums are able to create a unique app and experience to suit their individual needs, requirements and displays.

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