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MAPPER Lithography signs deal for financing round of € 80 million

Delft, The Netherlands based MAPPER Lithography (innovator in maskless e-beam direct-write lithography) announces the signing of a deal for a financing round of € 80 million.

The round is led by the Russian $10-billion investment fund RUSNANO, whose headquarters are in Moscow. RUSNANO, which focuses on the development of the Russian nanotechnology industry through co-investments in nanotechnology projects, will invest € 40 million. Another € 40 million will be contributed by current shareholders like ADP Industries, the investment vehicle of Mr. Arthur Del Prado, investment firm Parcom Capital (Parc-IT), Hoving & Partners along with Dutch high-end technology suppliers such as Technolution and DEMCON and innovation credits from AgentschapNL. Also other parties such as a number of Dutch individuals and family investment offices will contribute to the total amount.

MAPPER Lithography, founded out of Delft University of Technology, is a Delft-based company focusing on the introduction of a groundbreaking maskless lithography infrastructure for the semiconductor industry. Its tools utilize an innovative multiple e(lectron)-beam technology with which next generation semiconductors can be manufactured more cost effectively. Whereas traditional optical lithography technology requires the use of a costly mask (up to € 2 million per chip module), MAPPER’s machines eliminate its necessity. Especially end-users of chips made in relatively low volumes, such as chips for mobile phones and cars, benefit from a maskless solution, since the mask costs are dominating the total costs. The e-beam technology combines high resolution and high productivity – up to 100 wafers per hour – with a lower cost in production.

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