Dutch Police Distribute Marijuana Scented Postcards

Dutch police started handing out 30,000 scratch-and-sniff postcards meant to inform Dutch citizens of the scent of marijuana.

The idea behind the campaign is that if people can smell pot farms within their communities they will be able to report them to local police.

The scheme is on a trial run in Rotterdam and The Hague, and if found successful will be spread through the rest of the Netherlands.

The point of the cards is to help residents detect the drug’s smell, allowing them to notify authorities if they suspect neighbors of growing more than the amount tolerated by police (five plants per household for personal use).

Growing marijuana and purchasing it outside of the designated zones (coffee shops) is illegal in the Netherlands, and Dutch officials estimate that there are about 40,000 marijuana grow-ops inside of homes and buildings across the country.

The cards are 20 centimeters by 10 centimeters and release a marijuana-like scent when scratched. Also included on the cards is information on what to watch out for and who to call if a cannabis plantation has been discovered.

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