Marriage Rate In the Netherlands Drops Drastically

Marriage Rate In the Netherlands Drops Drastically

The number of marriages in the Netherlands dropped sharply, according to a new report from Statistics Netherlands.

Fewer than 74 thousand marriages and partnership registrations took place in the Netherlands in 2013. This 6 thousand down on 2012.

The decrease was completely accounted for by the fall in the number of marriages: the number of civil partnerships rose from 9.2 thousand to 10 thousand.

Relatively more partnership registrations than marriages take place on Mondays. Getting married or registering a partnership on a Monday is often cheaper, and sometimes even free.

Why aren’t people getting married?
There are a number of things going on that could play a role. One is that the downward trend in the number of marriages and the number of births can be seen as a reaction to the economic crisis in recent years.

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