Master’s degree costs 148 thousand euros in the Netherlands

Master’s degree costs 148 thousand euros in the Netherlands

The route most Dutch students take at university to get their master’s degree cost 148 thousand euros in 2012. This is the standard route including failing classes and delays. The shortest possible route to a master’s is the nominal route, which costs 13 thousand euros less.

The amount consists of spending by government, the private sector and households on institutions providing education, for instance on tuition fees, salaries and the mentoring of working and learning setups.

Delays occur mostly in the final phases
The big difference between the standard and shortest route students can take takes place at the university itself. The difference is still minimal during the secondary school stages. Students are finishing their studies faster though. For instance, one in four students who started university in 2009 to get a bachelor’s received their degree within three years. In 2002 just one in six students did so. About a third of the students on track for a master’s graduated within the time it takes theoretically.

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