MealGuru Weekly Menu Planner for iPad

MealGuru Weekly Menu Planner for iPad

MealGuru is YOUR answer to the daily question “what’s for dinner tonight?”. You will never again have to worry about healthy meal planning, balanced nutrition or making shopping lists. Just ask MealGuru!

With its innovative and powerful built-in kitchen software, MealGuru composes a balanced, healthy, delicious and easy weekly menu based on your personal preferences! This app will make your life a lot easier! **** Introduction discount: only $3.99 for a lifetime of healthy meals! ****

MealGuru is the first meal planner available for the iPad!
Delicious meals, nutritional info and comprehensive step-by-step cooking instructions enable you to start planning your meals NOW! The app does not contain video cooking instructions but comprehensive step-by-step guides with information hotspots to make sure you can cook your meal in your own pace, just the way you want it.

The most challenging thing about every day cooking is to come up with a healthy dinner over and over again, while also keeping variation and personal taste in mind. MealGuru is up for that challenge! This app contains over 250 easy to make and healthy everyday recipes, just the way you like them. Don’t like carrots or shrimp? Or are you a vegetarian? MealGuru offers a delicious, easy and healthy weekly menu that takes all of this into account. All recipes are easy to prepare and ready in less than 30 minutes.

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