Meat eaters are selfish and less social

Meat eaters are selfish and less social

“Meat brings out the worst in people”. This is what psychologists of the Radboud University Nijmegen and Tilburg University concluded from varrious studies on the psychological significance of meat.

Thinking of meat makes people less socially and in many respects more “loutish”. It also appears that people are more likely to choose meat when they feel insecure, perhaps because it is a feeling of superiority or status displays, the researchers suggest.

Marcel Zeelenberg Tilburg professors (Economic psychology) and Diederik Stapel (consumer sciences and dean of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences) and the Nijmegen Professor Roos Vonk (social psychology) examined the psychological significance of meat. “People say, meat is tasty, it’s healthy. But like many other meat products has also a symbolic and expressive value ‘, Zeelenberg explained. “Think of driving a Hummer or a Panda. With both you’ll get to your destination, but a Hummer is tougher. Like the Hummer meat is bad for the environment and climate. It is also bad for animals, the third world and our own health. But people can get quite upset when you tell them that. They are obviously very attached to their steak.”

Insecure people choose for meat
That was the hypothesis for the three psychologists: it may also have important psychological needs that meat nourishes. In a series of studies, some of the participants were made insecure. This led to a greater preference for meat when they could have chosen from three dishes: meat (steak), fish or vegetarian (omelet). In the uncertain made group, 60 percent of participants chose the steak. In the control group this was only 20 percent. Vonk: “This suggests that people do not primarily eat meat because they like it or think it’s healthy. Consider the Hummer again as you drive because it you do not need to survive in the jungle. Like the Hummer, meat gives a boost to your status and your ego. ”

Own interest
In other studies it was examined what happens to people when they think of meat. They got to see a picture of a juicy steak, while a control group saw a picture of a cow or a tree. Thinking of meat, does not exactly bring out the best in people, Roos Vonk noted. People who looked at the steak had made selfish choices during a division game, they often chose in their own interest. In imaginary situations, they found themselves more important than others and reacted less social: in a fire they found that they often wished to be saved first, and that they were less willing to help someone who is upset. It was also found that after people eating meat they felt less connected to others, lonely and unpopular.

Meat and ego
Roos Vonk, known for her columns and books about how our ego gets in our way, doesn’t feel shocked. “Previous research had already shown that meat eaters think more in terms of dominance and hierarchy (who is the boss?) than vegetarians. Eating meat is also traditionally associated with status, meat used to be much more expensive and scarcer than now. Eating meat is a way to elevate yourself above others. But by uplifting yourself, you lose connection with others. That explains why there are more insecure people in need. It also makes people loutish when they think about meat and also feel lonely. “Diederik Stapel adds to it: “It seems that vegetarians and flexitarians are happier and feel better, and they are also more sociable and less lonely.”

The above study by three university professors to show that meat eaters are “selfish bastards” is based on fraud. The study attracted international attention, but there was immediate controversy in the scientific world on the conclusions and the research method.

  • Filantropica21

    Ego and selfishness lead us to become less humans

  • AlbaK.

    Nobody, who is seeing a tree ist thinking about food … So how can be said that vegetarian are the better people? The result of these study can be not more that nature make people nice and food make them competitive.

  • Bagger
  • Alyssa

    Well, everyone knows that MEN tend to eat more meat (take that any way you want) than WOMEN who most often choose a salad, vegetarian or fruit plate. So, according to this study done by real researchers MEN are more selfish, arrogant, egotistical, and less social. Now we all know why this world is having all the problems lately. The next EU summit – Feed them all salads and fruit and maybe we’ll see some progress moving forward instead of the abyss of no return.

  • John

    I wonder what bakeries and pastries would conclude in their scientific study?
    Fat people?

  • Visitor2

    Then those first cave men must really have felt less connected to others, lonely and unpopular. And all this time we thought it was due to their lack of hygiene, poor fashion choices and table manners. I’m so glad these fine Dutch researchers cleared that up. We already knew cavemen had huge egos among other things. =)

  • Andrea

    Most of the world’s leaders are Men who are all meat eaters. This explains it. Huge egos often choosing in their own interest and not others, insecure in their marriages often having extramarital affairs, conceited and think they know better meanwhile turning the world’s economy into a financial roller-coaster. Vote for women in the next election if we want to see positive change.

  • the fact that this story was published here with such gusto tells more about the beliefs of the newspaper than the truth. and by the way the “scientist” who wrote this has admitted to falsifying all of his research.

  • Sam

    There are people who read this and thought it made sense? Wow. Seriously. Even before knowing that the “scientist” is a fraud, I thought it sounded completely absurd…and I’m a vegetarian.

  • Jesse

    This ‘scientist’ Diederik Stapel just lost his job and all credibility when hen was exposed as a fraud. At least ten years he was forging research data, for himself and others (who didn’t know about the fact that it was false!). Based on his latest data this research was done. He was discovered by his PH-D- students btw.

  • Dutch Daily News, you need to step up your game in credibility.

  • Grant

    Would save a lot of money too for a country in a recession.

  • Sorin

    And here we all thought that getting a university education is so important. Or should we assume this is the best education we can expect to get from a Dutch university.

  • Ilona

    And to think we are told that Eindhoven is one of the top seven Intelligent communities in the world never mentioning that Tilburg is 37km away. Must be proud being so close to one of the stupidest communities in the world. Way to go Nederlands.

  • Frank

    Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.

  • Swen

    Never seeks to amaze me how many professors get a formal education from a reputable university and have so little knowledge about everything.

  • I am so glad I read the article that the data was faked.. I was about to leave the Netherlands…

  • Piet

    Which proves that eating meat makes you gullible 😉

  • I am a woman and I prefer a tender steak over a salad or fruit! I don’t mind a small salad on the side! But Alyssa, I still like your idea! Try this salad/fruit thing on the EU! I don’t think we should be paying for them to have Kobe Beef! leave that for ME

  • By the way Diederik Stapel has now admitted that he never did the studies, he just knew the results he wanted and wrote the report in a way that proved his great big lie/hoax! April 2013 on the news today, he admits is was a lie. Just like the Glowbull Warming Hoax.

  • Re: Diederik Stapels…..
    He has now ADMITTED it was a big fat fraud. There was NO study. He just wrote his report and said that this was all ture, but he never did the study. Just the FRAUDULENT report!

  • robert

    Sexist. Truth is, both genders are affected.

  • minh

    stupid vegitarian – if you read the bible you will know, meat eater is smarter than grain eater. just think of it this way, if there is an intelligence species in the universe and the come here and breed human and eat human like meat eater breed cow and eat cow. then they are more intelligence than human.? right. this article make perfect senses. eater make people more aggressive because they are willing to eat other to survive where grain eat will try to cultivated grain and eat.i was a grain eater for thousand year i am vietnam by the way and look what happened to us. we was being slaugther in the war like animal. (prove my point.) grain eater might be great society but they are not very good protecting themself because their don’t eat other species to survive, for meat eat they eat other species to survive so they always prepared an on the look out for more intelligence species. what make you think so many war on this world. if everyone on this earth eat graine the world will less violiences but might not be very intteligiences. some time aggressive being the best out of animal by the way the bible lie alot. human are just animal we eat other animal.

  • Jackninja5

    Women and men are equally stupid and meat-eating

  • Jackninja5

    The bible is fiction

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  • Guest

    Shut up femanazi

  • Bobakka

    you mean like liar-cheater-millionaire hillary clinton?

  • Bebop

    Hitler was a vegetarian

  • Kira Jahn

    Cave PEOPLE ate a diet composed of mostly plants. 85% plants, to be exact. That’s right–women fed the tribe. 15% of their diet was from the men. Rethink your snarky comment.

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