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Bicycle sharing program Hits the Streets of Miami Beach

DECOBIKE, LLC announced today a contract with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to be the first global brand to partner with the new DECOBIKE bicycle sharing program in Miami Beach & the world-famous South Beach District. The details of this program include placing KLM branding on these new custom-built bikes to associate their organization with this innovative and “Green” public transportation service. They will also be promoting the launch of KLM’s non-stop service from Miami to Amsterdam, which commenced on March 21, 2011.

“We’re very excited to introduce our new flights linking two of the world’s most popular destinations, Miami and Amsterdam. The tie-in with DECOBIKE is a natural one for KLM. Amsterdam has always been synonymous with biking and we are pleased to see Miami Beach join the ranks of the notably few world capitals to offer a city-wide bike sharing program. In addition, from the KLM perspective, we continue to be committed to actively promoting sustainability with such programs as biofuel research, carbon offsetting, and are always exploring new opportunities, such as DECOBIKE to expand our efforts, ” says Patrick Roux, Senior Vice President for the Americas, Air France and KLM.

DECOBIKE has always planned to work with global brands and sponsors as a part of their business model thanks to the unique exposure the program offers advertisers. Out Of Home (OOH) media provides visibility 24/7/365, but DECOBIKE achieves something even better – the branded bikes also travel in more intimate thoroughfares around restaurants and retail outlets as well as residential areas completely unattainable by conventional outdoor advertising and are always stationed in the busiest public right-of-ways.

“KLM’s partnership with DECOBIKE is a great opportunity for them to showcase their continued commitment to environmentally-friendly programs as well as getting their marketing message out in one of the most innovative and unique ways possible,” says Colby Reese, Co-Founder of DECOBIKE. This positive impact of partnering with new green business models is what gives this advertising the power to reach consumers who may not be exposed to traditional marketing in newspapers and magazines. “With OOH media and social marketing technologies being the main source of information for younger and trendier audiences, DECOBIKE provides its partners with a complete solution to reach such audiences by making it easy to disseminate special offers and promotions, such as KLM’s new routes,” says Ricardo Pierdant, President and Co-Founder of DECOBIKE.

DECOBIKE info and memberships can be obtained online at or at the DECOBIKE Store in South Beach. Follow DECOBIKE at and