Microsoft launches Pink project

Microsoft will announce details about its mysterious Pink project next week. It is expected that the software giant will launch its own mobile phones on the market that will focus on social networking.

Project Pink is reportedly releasing a line of mobile phones featuring social networking integrations aimed at a young demographic. The “Pink” line will reflect Microsoft’s taking a more hands-on role in developing the hardware side of the mobile spectrum, as opposed to their more typical strategy of handling the software operating system and letting partners design the phones themselves. They’ve also designed some undetailed “online services” for Pink phones in addition to the software and hardware, while Japan’s Sharp Corp. will handle the actual manufacturing.

According to news sources, some of the new phones will be available already later in April on Verizon. Until we have more details it’s hard to speculate on how the Pink line might impact Microsoft’s overall lackluster showing in the mobile realm.

The software giant has high expectations of its new Windows Mobile software available later this year. The new Windows 7 Phone is the answer from Microsoft on the success of Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry and Google’s Android phones.

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