Microsoft Sues Mother for Anti Chat Program

Computer software giant Microsoft Corporation sued a mother because of anti chat program.

Carola, mother of three, designed a solution against excessive chatting and Internet use from her home and wanted to name the product MSNLOCK.

Unicaresoft Corporation would bring the product on the market. Microsoft, owner of the brand name MSN, want prevent this. The company wants to claim al domain names on Internet and that the brand name will be changed.

The Lawyer, who represents the mother, states that the name fits perfectly for which the product has been intended. “moreover msn’ing is a general term nowadays, a synonym for chatting”. The mother was in the assumption that MSN stand for Messenger. The word is stated like that in the Dutch dictionary The Dikke van Dale.

Mother Eppink thinks that the case is not about the brand or domain name, but rather the product which she has invented.

Unicaresoft Corporation is an initiative of concerned parents and software developers. The company wants children to be able to internet and chat safely. With Benzoy parents can ensure a balance between the use of Internet and chatting and other activities, according to the company.

Meanwhile, Unicaresoft has marketed its product under the brand name Benzoy (R), which is now available in stores. Gerard Ghazarian, on behalf of Unicaresoft, says: “Benzoy (R) meets the needs of a large number of parents who want to stop their children from spending an excessive amount of time on the Internet or chatting. Parents do not want MSN to be banned or to spy on their children. Instead, research has shown that they would like online computer use and other activities to be well balanced.”

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