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Millions of euros in EU funding for Dutch infrastructure

The Netherlands is to receive millions of euros from Brussels to fund infrastructure projects. With support from the Netherlands, 15 million euros will be made available for studies into the further introduction of the European rail safety system ERTMS. Two projects for traffic management on waterways will together receive 4.2 million euros. Our country will receive 2 million euros for the introduction and testing of the safety system on the third section of the Betuwe Line (between Zevenaar and the German border). Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure & the Environment) is pleased with the funding: “In this way, Europe is showing that investing in infrastructure and mobility is of great importance in strengthening the economy.”

The funding will be provided by the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) programme, the aim of which is to establish a single, multimodal network that integrates land, sea and air transport networks throughout the European Union. In this way, persons and goods can be carried simply from A to B. In total, the Netherlands will receive from the TEN-T programme a maximum of 31.4 million euros for seven projects. The exact division of the funds depends on the funding decisions that still have to be finalised.

The Netherlands will also receive grants for several projects to be implemented together with other countries. A pilot project in which sea-going vessels will use onshore electricity (in Vlaardingen among other places) can expect a grant of 3.2 million euros. Studies into the introduction of rail technical specifications will be supported with 6.5 million euros. Part of both these grants will be allocated to the Netherlands. In addition, a company in Amsterdam that is active in the financing and leasing of goods carriages and locomotives will receive 7 million euros from Brussels, with the support of the Netherlands. The funds will be used to modernise the current European ERTMS safety system of 52 electric locomotives. These locomotives travel with goods trains to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.