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Ministry of ELI selects Ordina for Oracle eBS management

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (known as EL&I in the Netherlands) has selected Ordina for the implementation and management of Oracle eBS. The duration of the contract spans a five- year period. During this time, Ordina will be responsible for the new development, maintenance and management of Oracle eBS within the Ministry. This contract strengthens Ordina’s market position within the Public Sector. This contract is also in line with Ordina’s strategy to realise growth in IT management. Prior to the conclusion of this contract, Ordina was also responsible for the implementation and integration of Oracle eBS for the Ministry.

Johan van den Born, Programme Manager DICTU Sourcing for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation: “By selecting Ordina as partner, the National Service for the Implementation of Regulations and ICT Implementation has selected a top-level professional player for its new development, maintenance and control of Oracle eBS. This partner allows us to grow further toward realising the ambitions that the Ministry envisages by utilising Oracle eBS. Our ambitions are focussed on supporting the Ministry’s business processes well and to the full satisfaction of our clients, with a standardised approach and an excellent service level; resulting in our support becoming Best Practice throughout the Dutch Government.”

“We are extremely proud of the fact that the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation has selected Ordina to manage Oracle eBS”, according to Barend de Zoete, Director of Ordina’s Professional Services & Projects division. This contract with the Ministry matches Ordina’s ambition to realise growth in IT operations. We believe that the Ministry’s choice reflects our vast knowledge and experience in the fields of Oracle and IT operations. Aside from this, we also know this particular client and their market intimately, allowing us to apply our technical knowledge more effectively to realise their requirements. “The client clearly recognises this added value.”

Ordina is a certified Oracle partner.