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Mobile Internet Traffic Almost Doubles in the Netherlands

A new benchmark study of 20 Dutch websites reveals that in the past six months the amount of visits originating from mobile devices has doubled, according to figures on the use of mobile internet by Mobile Metrics.

The study shows that in May 2011 4.3% of total website visits was generated by mobile devices. Six months ago, in November 2010, the observed average for the same sites was 2.16%. If the growth continues at this rate, it is expected that in the first half of 2012 this will be more than 10%. Smartphones, tablets and mobile music players are considered ‘mobile devices’ in this study.

The biggest growth is detected in the use of the Apple iPad and Android phones. The 20 sites together attract more than 5 million visitors a month and are distributed over various sectors such as news, entertainment, travel, training and e-commerce.

This study was conducted by, a collaboration between aFrogleap, Netprofiler and RapidSugar.

Figures from market research firm comScore revealed that not only is Apple’s iPad currently leading the global tablet market, but no other device even comes close to it in terms of usage.