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Mobile payment apps reach 2 mln Dutch smartphones

Mobile payments are becoming more common in the Netherlands. Already almost one in six smartphones carries a mobile payments app, equal to around 2 million users, double the number a year ago, according to the December edition of Telecompaper’s Dutch Apps Market report. The study also found that WhatsApp remains the most popular app in the country, installed on around 10.7 million smartphones.

Not only do more people have mobile payment apps on their phones, the apps are being used more often. On average, mobile payment apps are used 10 days per month, up from eight at the start of 2015. However, many people install the payment apps only to never use them; around 15 percent of those with payment apps installed said the apps are never or rarely used.

The survey also found that more people are installing health-related apps. These went from 16 percent of smartphone users in February to 22 percent in the latest survey. Women are more likely to download health apps, at 24 percent versus 20 percent of men with health apps on their smartphones.

The most popular app, WhatsApp is now on 91 percent of smartphones in the Netherlands and is still growing its presence. It added around 2 million installed users in the past year, growing to 10.7 million smartphones from 8.7 million in October 2014. Seniors (65-80 year-olds) are also adopting the messaging app more, with 80 percent saying WhatsApp is on their phone.