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Playboy Model Gaelle Garcia Diaz too sexy for E3 Award

The Flemish Playboy Model Gaelle Garcia Diaz may not be displayed on the billboards to represent the E3 cycle race awards, which will be held on March 26.

The Playmate is too sexy according to the main sponsor, KBC, says the Belgian world of sports. She is replaced by three riders: Tom vouchers, Fabian Cancellara and Juan Antonio Flecha.

Model Gaelle posed naked for the advertisement, showing several riders who climbed her buttocks. This was not appreciated by the sponsor.

“The ad in question is not misogynistic and outdated,” said a spokesman. And so thousands of posters, tickets and banners were changed.

“Only on the big billboards along the highway, we continue with Gaelle, but without the logo KBC”.

“A naked lady on a posters ad in a bank branch is not quite appropriate, according to the bank” However they are very happy with the extra publicity.

“Our program has been successful: everyone has seen our advertisement.”