Modest growth in Dutch manufacturing stocks

Modest growth in Dutch manufacturing stocks

In April 2012, manufacturers’ stocks of finished products were 1 percent up on April 2011 according to Statistics Netherlands.The increase was much smaller than in February and March (6 percent). The stocks of finished products index stood at 105.0 in April (2005=100) compared to 106.8 in March.

The Business Sentiment Survey for the Manufacturing Industry provides a first indication for further development of the index stocks of finished products. In this survey, manufacturers are invited to define their current stocks of finished products as too large (negative), normal, or too small (positive) in relation to projected sales. These results are available two months earlier than data on stocks of finished products.

Manufacturers’ opinions on their stocks improved marginally in June. The balance of positive and negative answers was -3 compared to -4 in March. Opinions hardly changed over the past few months. Manufacturers defining their stocks as too large have outnumbered those defining their stocks as too small for over a year now. The gap has remained fairly stable over the past months. The growth of manufacturing stocks has been slowing down since the summer of 2011.

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