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Monkey sells painting in online auction

A painting by the Dutch orangutan Karl is sold for 2500 Euros. The art work is sold through Dutch eBay Marktplaats, said zoo Apenheul from Apeldoorn Tuesday.

Apes sometimes tend to pick up a brush, said a spokesman for the zoo. “This may be the last work of the 50-year-old orangutan Karl. He is old and not much ambition any more in painting. “It is the first time the zoo has sold a painting by a monkey on an online auction. The Apenheul zoo will double the amount. This will be used for the special care of orangutans in Borneo.

If the monkeys stay inside because of bad weather, they sometimes are offered paper and paint. “They do it voluntarily. This painting consists of a single color. “The work is put on sale to focus on the fiftieth anniversary of Karl. He is the oldest male orangutan in Europe, said the Apenheul.

Photo by catlovers