More hotel stays in Amsterdam

More hotel stays in Amsterdam

The number of bednights in Amsterdam hotels increased by 3.5 percent to 9.7 million hotel stays last year. The Dutch capital performed better than other European capitals.

European Cities Marketing (ECM) has just published the seventh edition of its European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report. For 2010 the total number of bednights in European cities experienced year-on growth of 6.5%. International bednights increased by an even more striking 8.9%, indicating full recovery from the downturn in volume recorded in 2009 as a consequence of global economic recession.

The study indicates that London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Madrid are Europe’s leading “Big 5” urban tourism destinations in terms of the key bednights parameter. London is leader of the pack, recording a massive 49 million bednights, and between them the fifteen best performing cities can be seen to generate impressive 234 million bednights.

As for individual cites in 2010, six out of the fifteen top performing cities scored double-digit year-on increases: Amsterdam notched up the highest year on growth rate (13.6%), followed by Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid, Vienna and Berlin.


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