More mobile connections sold in the Netherlands

More mobile connections sold in the Netherlands

Even though a large number of mobile lines are sold online, more consumers bought their mobile phone in a store in Q3 2011 compared to six months earlier, according to market research by Telecompaper. The report ‘Dutch Mobile Consumer’ found that 43 percent of Dutch consumers bought their connection – whether postpaid or prepaid – in a store.

The results are based on a continuing online survey. In July to September 2011, 19,000 Dutch consumers were questioned. The report from independent market researcher Telecompaper also includes data from the two previous quarters on consumer mobile habits and spending.

Especially postpaid users more frequently visit a shop to buy their mobile connection. This may be driven by the increasing number of people adopting smartphones. In Q3 2011, half of Dutch consumers were using smartphones, up from 36 percent in Q1 2011. Among postpaid users, six out of ten used a smartphone. The smartphone penetration is highest among Hi customers and lowest among customers at Telfort, Tele2 or the smaller operator brands. Vodafone has the highest penetration of smartphones among prepaid users.

The report ‘Dutch Mobile Consumer Q3-2011’ gives detailed information on the demographics of Dutch mobile consumers, the type of connection used, the type of handset used, the sales channels used, reasons for selecting a provider, average spending, most-used services and use of bundles. The report also gives insight per mobile service provider (Hi, KPN, Telfort, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tele2 and Others).

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