More older people active online in the Netherlands

More older people active online in the Netherlands

Internet use among the older generation in the Netherlands has increased dramatically in recent years. Older people are catching up on younger generations, according to Statistics Netherlands. Together with Luxembourg and various Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands is among the EU countries with the highest proportion of older Internet users.

Six in every ten 65 to 75-year-olds were active on the Internet in 2011, nearly twice as many as in 2005, when the ratio was more than three in ten. The gap between older and younger internet users is rapidly narrowing. Total internet use in the Netherlands has grown from approximately 80 percent in 2005 to over 90 percent in 2011.

Online banking and reading newspapers more popular among older generations
Older people use the Internet predominantly email correspondence and web surfing for information on goods and services. In recent years, online banking and reading/downloading newspapers or news letters has increased most rapidly. The number of people in the 65-75 age bracket active online has increased by about 20 percentage points between 2005 and 2011.

Internet use in the Netherlands among the highest in Europe
Together with Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark, the Netherlands has the highest number of Internet users within the EU, both in the entire population and among older people. The difference between older-generation Internet users and the total number of Internet users is nowhere smaller than in these countries.

  • Aaron

    Nothing else to do but chat on the Internet due to the depressing rainy weather in the NL. Sounds pretty boring, if you ask me.

  • Darwin

    Its called “Safe Sex” to many old Dutch folks.

  • Diana

    Safe Sex? Yeah when you can’t get it up anymore, they might as well have ways to see what they’re missing on the dating and sex sites. A quick high is better than none they say.

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