Dutch more optimistic about the Netherlands

Dutch more optimistic about the Netherlands

Dutch are more optimistic about their country, reported the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) Wednesday.

32 percent of the nearly one thousand people who took part in a quarterly survey were satisfied with the Netherlands.

That is 8 percent more than last year. A majority of respondents have confidence in parliament and in the Dutch Government. 56 percent believe there is spoken too negative about immigrants.

Furthermore, 54 percent believes that the Netherlands is losing its identity. More and more people worry about the number of immigrants.

In addition, people are dissatisfied with “the gap between rich and poor ‘and’ bonuses to the top. Only 31 percent of respondents are satisfied with the euro despite the economic crisis. Nearly half of all surveyed would prefer a smaller European Union.

The researchers attributed the positive changes mainly to the plans of the new right wing government, where addressing both crime and insecurity is high on the agenda.

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