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More wind turbines, but less wind

The production of electricity by wind turbines fell by 13 percent last year.

The Dutch wind turbine farm expanded, but according to the CBS, there was very little wind in 2010.

The CBS uses the so-called Windex to measure the amount of wind. One Windex of 100 is equal to the amount of wind in the period 1996-2005. The total amount was 77 in 2010.

Never before since measurements began in 1988, was the Windex so low.

The total production of renewable electricity was virtually unchanged and was nine percent of the total electricity consumption in the Netherlands last year. CBS says that the power production from biomass actually increased last year.

In 2001 the Netherlands agreed at European level to generate 9 percent renewable energy of all electricity consumption in 2010. The Netherlands has achieved this target.

Photo By aloxe