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More Dutch women working than ever before

The number of women staying at home to take care for the family is decreasing in The Netherlands.

Less than 755 thousand women worked no more than twelve hours per week in 2001. This number decreased to only 318 thousand women in 2010.

This is revealed by research by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics. Ten years ago women did not work a lot because they needed to take care of the family. Now the main reason for women not to work is that they are following training or studying.

That is the cause for a slight increase in the number of young girls (15 to 25 years) who work less than twelve hours a week. Women over 25 years old entered the Netherlands workforce in great numbers since 2001.

More women at leading position

Break-through of women to leading positions in the corporate life grows more in The Netherlands than elsewhere in the world.

This is evident from annual survey of 11,000 firms in 39 countries by accounting and consultancy firm Grant Thornton.

Especially Scandinavia and Eastern European countries lead in emancipation in leading positions. Remarkably, the number of women in the highest positions increased by 2 percent in the Netherlands last year, while worldwide the number decreased 4 percent.

The number of women in senior management positions in the Netherlands is years behind, but last year the score increased to 16%. That is the highest level since fifteen years. The European and global average is 20%. Thailand had the highest score: 45%.