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Netherlands ranks first place most active social sellers

The Netherlands is still among the most active commercial nations in the world.

Dutch people posted more than 97 million ads on online marketplace Marktplaats last year. With 5.8 online ads per resident, the Netherlands ranks first place for the most active social sellers according to a new study.

Across the nine countries (UK, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands), the Netherlands takes first place for the most active social sellers, with 77.8 million adverts posted on the eBay Classifieds Group site in 2010.

Not only does our nation of traders have approximately four online classifieds adverts to every person, it has seen an increase of 28 per cent since 2009, and in the last year, one in 10 (10.2%) of those who have sold online in the Netherlands have made over €300.

The Glocal Trade Study, commissioned by eBay Classifieds Group, examines the patterns and attitudes across nine different countries on trading with other consumers in their area, combining internal data with findings from an external study of 9,000 respondents. Internal data from the market leader further supports the revelation of the growing social selling trend with a total of 221 million classifieds adverts posted across its online classifieds sites in 2010, a 22 per cent increase since 2009.

World Wide Waste: 3bn re-saleable products thrown away
Despite the growing trend of social selling evident from both the internal and external data, there is also a large amount of products that are going to waste, with over 300 million people admitting that they have thrown something away which they could have sold. With the average person throwing away at least 10 products that could have been sold, there is a global wastage of 3 billion re-saleable products across the world.

The Netherlands is not only proving it’s entrepreneurial but also its recycling spirit, with over a quarter (27.9%) of the population selling everything they can rather than throwing products away. Italians are at the bottom of this league table, with 84% throwing items away which could otherwise be sold.