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Dutch are the most charitable in Europe

The Dutch are the most generous people in Europe, when it comes to charitable donations.

Two-thirds of people in the Netherlands contribute money to charity every year, according to an international survey on the topic of charity and donations, conducted by the GfK Verein in 14 countries.

Germans are less generous than the average European or US citizen, according to the findings of the international “Charity” survey.

One in five Germans donate money every year, and around the same proportion give their time or goods instead. Almost half have no involvement with charitable causes. Of those who donate money, just under three-quarters of Germans give between EUR 1 and EUR 200 a year. Children’s charities, antipoverty programs and disaster relief projects are the most popular causes supported by Germans.

Only 20% of Germans say that they donate money to charitable causes every year, which means that Germany is bottom of the rankings when it comes to monetary donations. In Europe and the USA, the percentage of individuals who give money every year is considerably higher, at 35%.

Dutch, British and Swedish people appear to be particularly generous in this respect: two-thirds of people in the Netherlands and half of those in the UK and Sweden contribute money to charity every year. However, the number of those who do not donate money but instead give up some of their time to support good causes is slightly higher in Germany than in other countries, at 5%. In addition, 13% of Germans state that they donate goods such as food or clothes (Europe: 10%). Almost half of Germans say that they do not donate anything; when asked why, 35% say they cannot afford it, while 14% claim to have no interest in charitable causes.