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Netherlands most dangerous country in Europe

Within Europe, the Netherlands has the biggest chance to be hit by a natural disaster.

The United Nations University has calculated the risk that European countries are exposed to. On Friday the results were presented in Brussels.

The World Risk Index focuses on floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Netherlands is the number 69 on the list. Because of the low altitude of the Netherlands, the country risks being flooded. Luckily for the Dutch population, the embankments are quite solid. The same is the case in Japan. Without the solid dikes, the Netherlands would be in the top 15 of the list.

Albania has a higher position on the list than the Netherlands. The risks are lower in Albania, but this European country is not as well-prepared as the Netherlands to cope with natural disasters. The list is headed by the archipelago Vanuata in the Pacific Ocean. Tonga is number two and the Philippines is third. Last on the list is Qatar. The Persian Gulf State has the lowest chance of being hit by a natural disaster.