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Most Dutch people feel healthy

The majority of the Dutch people feel healthy. Eight out of ten Dutch people assess their health as good or very good.

According to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), nearly 4 percent evaluated their health poor or very poor.

Older people feel less healthy than young people, and men feel healthier than women. 82 percent of the men reported their health was good or very good versus 78 percent of women. One of the reasons is that women live longer, so their average age is higher. Women also more often suffer from chronic diseases than men.

People with chronic diseases more often feel unhealthy. Especially people with back problems complain about bad health. Only 46 percent of back problem patients assess their health as good or very good.

The six most common chronic conditions last year were migraine (14 percent in the population), hypertension (13 percent), arthrosis (11 percent), back problems (9 percent), neck or shoulder problems (9 percent) and asthma (8 percent). People with backache are the least happy with their state of health. Only 46 percent of people with back problems evaluate their state of health as (very) good. Back problems rarely come alone, 63 percent suffer from two or more chronic conditions.