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Most Dutch people play sports

Over two thirds (68.8 percent) of the Dutch population are active in some kind of sport activity, with men (71.1 percent) more active than women (66.4 percent), according a new analysis of the CBS figures for 2007 from the Dutch statistics office (CBS).

According to the statistics running, billiards and football are the most popular sport activities with Dutch men. Dancing, korfball and field hockey are favorites among Dutch women.

Fitness is the most popular sport in the Netherlands. This is followed by running, pool and football for men and dancing, korfball and hockey for women. Walking, Nordic walking, cycling, mountain biking and tennis are also popular.

More than half of the Dutch population (60 percent) prefer unorganized sports, thats why Fitness is most popular.

Sports in the Netherlands are an important part of the Dutch culture. The sporting culture of the Dutch is similar to many other European countries.

Compared to other European countries, Dutch prefer to play soccer, the most popular sport in the world.

Photo by spamdangler