Dutch are the Most Energetic Europeans

Dutch are the Most Energetic Europeans

Research shows that of all Europeans, the Dutch are by far the least affected by lack of energy. Greeks, however, say that they have the greatest shortage of energy. Over half of Europeans have a lack of energy.

The study was done for a major producer of multivitamin preparations. In 15 countries, nearly 8,000 consumers were asked how they look after their health, energy and good intentions in 2011.

Dutch people say that the household (47 percent) and work (46 percent) are the main cause of their lack of energy. One in five Dutch see daily commuting the biggest energy sucker in everyday life. This score makes the Netherlands the lowest in Europe.

Greeks see their work as the largest energy sucker. The English precisely the least. Despite their lack of energy only 20 percent of Europeans believe that their health needs a priority in 2011.

Sleep and exercise are both equally popular, when Europeans are asked what they would do to feel more energetic. More romance with the partner and meditation were the least frequently mentioned as an activity to recharge our batteries and to build resistance.

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