Netherlands Most Entrepreneurial Country in EU

Netherlands Most Entrepreneurial Country in EU

The Netherlands is the most entrepreneurial country of the European Union.

The Netherlands contain the most entrepreneurial inhabitants in Europe. From the Dutchman aged 18-64, 7,2% owns a start-up or is planning to start a new company. With this score the Netherlands is the European number one. Worldwide, the Netherlands is number five. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey is carried out by research company EIM.

Ten years ago, in 2001, only 4,9% of the Dutch population was a starting entrepreneur. Apparently the entrepreneurial spirit in the Netherlands has improved. More Dutchmen are now convinced that being an entrepreneur is a healthy way to build a career. Also, more and more inhabitants of the Netherlands think that they possess the skills you need to run a successful business.

It seems like entrepreneurs inspire each other. One out of three entrepreneurs started a company because someone they know proved to be a good example.

Dutch entrepreneurs, however, need to improve their performance concerning product innovations. Compared to foreign entrepreneurs, Dutch businessmen are less active with product innovations. This can harm the international activities and the growth of their companies.

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