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Sophie and Sem most popular Dutch names in 2010

Sophie and Sem are the most popular Dutch names in 2010.

Dutch parents named their children in 2010 most the names Sophie and Sem, according to figures from the Dutch Social Insurance Bank.

Sophie is the most popular name for girls after a year absence.
In 2009 Emma was still the most chosen name, which this year falls into third place. Julia occupies the second place.

For boys in 2008 and 2009 Daan still the most popular name. This year the name Daan ranks 4th and Sem ranks 1st. At position two and three are Luke and Milan.

A total of 859 babies called Sem this year. Eight hundred babies go through life as Sophie.

Mohamed won with 245 listings and did not make the top twenty. When the variations such as Muhammad and Muhammad are added, the name gets a score of 600 listings.