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Must Read Summer Crime Stories

Must Read Summer Crime Stories

The dark streets of a foreign country, discoveries in the basement of a private museum will keep you from putting these page turning crime and thriller books will keep you up all night wanting to read just one more page.

New books of the month are ‘Cemetery Lake’ by Paul Cleave and ‘Keeping The Dead’ by Tess Gerritsen.

Keeping The Dead
image004In Tess Gerritsen’s ‘Keeping The Dead’ ( aka The Keepsake in the US) a perfectly preserved mummy is discovered in the basement of a private museum. During a CT scan to authenticate the mummy, a discovery is made that leaves everyone puzzled: The mummy has a bullet imbedded in her leg and it got there while the mummy was still alive. Further investigation shows that this is a modern day murder victim. More victims are uncovered, preserved using some of the more gruesome preservation methods documented. Each victim contains a clue, but only one person knows what these clues are: References to a past better left buried. Messages from a killer: I am coming for you. This novel pulls you in from the start and with the right amount of twists and turns it keeps you guessing until the last pages. For anyone who enjoys a good whodunnit crime story this is a must-read.

Keeping The Dead’ is available for Euro 8,50.

Cemetery Lake
image002‘Cemetery Lake’, Paul Cleave’s third novel takes us into the mind of a man racing to find Christchurch’s newest serial killer. Private Investigator, Theodore Tate, is pulled into a world of suicide and murder, where even the dead aren’t safe from being kidnapped. I thought this was a great book. The pacing was great and it was filled with thrills and suspense. I esspecially enjoyed the dialogue, which reminded me a lot of the old detective series, such as Mike Hammer or Magnum PI, where the main character lets you know what he’s thinking as he plans his moves.

The main character in ‘Cemetery Lake’ is PI Theo Tate who has just gone through an amazingly rough period in his life. He has to supervise a simple exhumation of a man’s body who has possibly been murdered through poisoning. A job which should have been done two years ago but the police department, for which Tate worked at that time, doubted the credibility of the case. After the examination of recently deceased man however, the police decides to re-open the two year-old casket to compare the causes of death.

Due to the heavy rain during the exhumation things go wrong and instead of bringing up one body, Tate finds himself floating around in the lake with a number of them. To add to their problems they find a young woman’s body inside the casket instead of a middle aged man’s. Although the police want Tate to stay out of the investigation he feels responsible for the death of the young woman since he was the one who dismissed the exhumation request two years ago. By ignoring the police’s request he soon finds himself in a world of trouble coming from both sides of the law.

I absolutely loved the dialogue in the book and the characterization of the leading man, Theo Tate. It reminded me a lot of the PI shows in the 1980’s such as Mike Hammer and Thomas Magnum, where the main character shares his thoughts with you. There are a lot of great one-liners in ‘Cemetery Lake’ which make the book a real treat to read. On top of that, the story is incredibly suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat flying through the pages.

Favorite line in the book: “I sit in the car with the heater going, trying to collect my thoughts, wondering why I’m chasing down Bruce the caretaker when I ought to be home chasing down some pizza with Jim the bourbon.”

In my book, this is definitely a writer to watch for any crime and thriller fan.

Cemetery Lake‘ is now available at for Euro 8,50.