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NATO testing Dutch Patriot Air Defence System

Today NATO will begin testing the Dutch units operating the patriots, the air defence system to counter tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and advanced aircraft.

More than one hundred experts will examine the procedures and methods of the Guided Missile Group of the Air Force for four days long .

They do that in the training area the Marnewaard, where the military must pass an examination. This is necessary in order to be ready for the rapid action force of NATO (NRF). The evaluation takes place once every three years, Defence reported.

370 soldiers along with about 150 vehicles take part in the exam. The unit departed Friday from the air base at the Peel Marnewaard in Groningen on the A73, A50 and A28.

The patriot is the only weapon system in Europe that can defend against ballistic missiles and attacking airplanes or helicopters. The Dutch Patriot units can also be deployed abroad.