Nature benefits from volcanic ash

Nature benefits from volcanic ash

Nature and Humans benefit indirectly from the enormous amount of volcanic ash that will flutter down from the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Because volcanic ash contains essential minerals and trace elements, essential and indispensable building blocks for life on Earth, according to the Anemone foundation, a research organization for marine life.

Trace elements include copper, iron, cobalt, manganese and selenium. That come along with minerals in the surface water. Since they dissolve and form food for plankton and higher organisms. Volcanic eruptions provide a huge amount of these substances at once. People get these essential trace elements in their diets, says anemone.
A thin layer of ash makes the soil fertile and earth which was once covered with lava is extremely fruitful.

The microscopic ash is potentially dangerous for people when it starts to reach the Earth because inhaled particles can enter the lungs and cause respiratory problems, especially for people with asthma or respiratory problems. Volcanic ash is much less dangerous than cigarette smoke or pollution.

Farmers benefit from the ashes of Iceland when it comes down: the ashes are rich in nutrients which can be used as fertilizer for crops.

Chances are that the first ash particles from Icelandic volcano will drop down in the Netherlands on Tuesday, according to KNMI.

  • Eline

    In dit artikel wordt vergeten dat er een grote concentratie fluor in as zit. Wat op lange termijn grote schade aan gebit aanricht en ernstige aandoeningen met gevolg overlijden. In 1783 barste lakagígjar uit, waar een gedeelte van de IJslandse bevolking overleed door door vergiftiging van de gassen die vrijkwamen. En dan praten we nog niet over de veestapel. In IJsland maken mensen zich nu grote zorgen dat het land niet bewerkbaar zal zijn de komende jaren en dat verschillende boerderijen de komende jaren verlaten zullen zijn………. De as die vrijkomt is zeer gevaarlijk voor de gezondheid.

  • Chris

    The ash destroys the trees and nature so what you are saying is a LIE the ash kills living things it contains sulfur and when it gets in contact with water vapors it produces very dangerous chemicals

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