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Nearly all Dutch provinces showed economic growth in 2011

According to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands, nearly all Dutch provinces achieved economic growth last year. North Brabant, Utrecht and Flevoland enjoyed the fastest economic growth, but in the province of Zeeland the economy contracted marginally.

The economy improved by 2.1 percent in North Brabant. The growth rate for Flevoland and Utrecht was 2 percent. The economic growth rates in these provinces were far beyond the nationwide average of 1.2 percent. Manufacturing industry contributed most to the economic growth in North Brabant. This is particularly evident in the south-eastern part of North Brabant, where the economic growth rate exceeded 3 percent. In Utrecht and Flevoland, the wholesale trade sector boosted the economy.

Groningen, but also Friesland and Drente, suffered from the reduced demand for natural gas. The output level realised by the mineral extraction sector was substantially lower in 2011 than one year previously. This had a downward effect on the economy of 3 percent. If the extraction of natural gas is not taken into account, the economic growth rate in Groningen would been 0.8 percent.

The economy contracted marginally by 0.1 percent in Zeeland, predominantly caused by a downturn in the manufacture of chemical products, an essential economic activity in this region. In 2010, the chemical industry was accountable for Zeeland showing the highest growth rate of all Dutch provinces.