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Netflix installed on 1.7 million Dutch smartphones

Over 1.7 million Dutch consumers have the Netflix app installed on their smartphones, making the app as popular as that of the Dutch public broadcaster NPO, according to the November edition of Telecompaper’s Dutch Apps Market rapport. Among video apps, only YouTube is more popular in the Netherlands, with around 6 million Dutch consumers having the app on their phones. YouTube is helped by the fact that it comes installed standard on almost all Android smartphones. The RTL XL app and Horizon Go app from cable operator Ziggo were also in the top-5 video apps in the Netherlands.

Around one in five Dutch consumers with the Netflix app installed said they rarely or never use the app. Those who do use the app access it on average ten days a month and watch on average 1.5 hours of content each week over the app. The NPO app shows much lower usage, at an average seven days a month and just over a half hour of content watched each week on average.

In addition to video apps, the November report also looked at mobile banking and communication apps. Of the three categories, the mobile banking apps showed the highest levels of satisfaction. At least 95 percent of users of the banking apps surveyed said the quality of these apps was good or very good. The share of video apps receiving a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ quality rating varied more, from 74-97 percent, and communication apps received ‘good’ or ‘very good’ scores from 61-98 percent of users, depending on the app.

The apps of the Dutch banks ABN Amro, ING, Rabobank and SNS are used on average 14 days a month, with little difference in usage across the banks. There were however differences between men and women in the banking apps. Men were more likely to have the ING and Rabobank apps on their phones, while the ABN Amro app was more popular with women.