Netherlands a testing ground for LinkedIn

Of all the nationalities that use LinkedIn, the Dutch are represented the best on the social network. This is the reason for the U.S. company in Netherlands to set up an office, which include initiatives on establishing contact with Dutch users who apparently are very active to create and maintain their online professional network.

LinkedIn wants to organize business meetings in which users can participate to manage and expand their professional network more efficiently. Monday was the first of a series of live trainings of LinkedIn. In a room at the Mercure Hotel Amsterdam and had over 160 enthusiastic LinkedIn users gathered for the world premiere. The Flemish network coach Jan Vermeiren gave under the name Link and Learn practical tips for efficient use of the professional networking site.

Among the more than 62 million users worldwide, there are 1.7 million Dutch. According Vermeiren the secret of the large number of Dutch on LinkedIn ” is that they are very familiar with social networks like Facebook, and the fact that the Dutch are very international focused and entrepreneurial. Over two thirds of the highly educated in the Netherlands has a profile on the social networking site LinkedIn, says Eugenie van Wiechen responsible for LinkedIn, Netherlands.

“These meetings are an experiment. The knife cuts both ways, we help users further and we learn more about our users and what they want from us. “The first meeting on Monday in Wiechen was an immediate success.

Until July, LinkedIn has planned 20 live trainings at various locations in the country.

Do you think this approach will help LinkedIn get what they’re looking for? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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