Netherlands benefits from globalization

Countries like Brazil, India, China and Russia have become increasingly important for the prosperity of the Netherlands. According to a recent report, the Internationalization Monitor 2010, from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

The ups and downs of the Netherlands is highly dependent on exports and hence the so-called emerging economies. In 1996, the EU still accounts for 79 percent of our exports.

In 2009 this had fallen to 75 percent. Exports to countries outside the European Union thus increased to 25 percent. The share of European countries in the fourteen years that imports fell from 64 to 55 percent.

Dutch companies operating internationally are on average larger, more productive and innovative than companies that do not focus on foreign trade. Following their success they pay their staff 5 to 7 percent higher wages than other companies.

Contrary to reports of Nedcar or Organon, foreign companies who invest here are more important for the Netherlands.

The number of companies in the Netherlands that fall under foreign control, more than 1 percent, are good for one sixth of total employment in the private sector.

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